Happy New Year from London!

After such a long time I shut myself off from my blog… finally I am here again! Please give me suggestion of new name for my blog….A different kind of tea perhaps????

I really miss all my colleagues and students in SMK Seri Lalang. This has triggered my spirit to post something on my dusty blogspot. These are few photos of scenery that I took during my four months stayed in London. And it’s going to be another 12 months before I mark my footprint again to my beloved homeland, Malaysia.

I wish that all my x-colleagues will have a wonderful teaching years ahead with more joyful experiences with or without me and Nuha.

HAPPY 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn in London

Autumn in Snowdonia, National Park

Autumn in Snowdonia National Park, Wales

This photo makes me think of Taman Negara Malaysia... but I prefer the forest here because it don't have leech (pacat)

This photos is specially taken for my Arsenal fan and also my blog-sifu, Juitah

My first experience of Winter and snow and I want to share it with all my blog friends


Those photos were taken during my lestari camp last May.. I think my photo shooting skill has improved...My sifu, Juitah: is it true that my skill has a vast improvement ??
Took quite a long time to update my blog coz busy preparing for my studies... A good news, my leaves have been approved, starting 1st Sept I am no longer a teacher in SMK Seri Lalang, so have to change my blog to another name...Hmm, have to think of a nice name...


Birthday is a day to remind myself that I am getting older. Actually I don't like to celebrate birthday because a friend of mine told me that birthday is the suffering day of our mum coz they delivered us on that day. I really miss my mum so much, but I know god loves her more than us here, that's why god take her with Him to heaven...

This cake was given by my sister, Thanks a lot!!! Even you are busy taking care of newly born Jason, you still taking the effort to celebrate my birthday...

By Lin.., Thank you for reminding me to be punctual..hehe...

thank you for being such a good friend for me

From Juitah, if you are interested of giving this lovely gift you can contact her anytime.. And thank you so much for always being such a great friend.

Actually there are a lot more thoughtful friends out there that remember this unimportant day, hehe... Thank you for taking the trouble for remembering this date and give me your sweet wishes. May god always bless you for being such a great friend, I really feel touched...

P/S: Nuha, we finallly on the right track on realizing our birthday wish that is to celebrate our next birtday in UK... Hopefully everything will going on we planned.


The above is the print screen version from my friend's blog, Kak Aidah,...Juz wanna post it for u all to see that I am really the lucky person that got the giveaway from her.


People always told me that I am a very lucky person in 'lucky-draw' contest as I was always being picked as the winner during lucky draw. I have no doubt that I am a very lucky person but it never cross my mind that ' lucky' in terms of lucky-draw. My friend told me that I always got a present in every lucky draw contest being held in my school. Haha... Really huh, I do really got prizes every time in lucky draw. This only happen within my schools, for lucky draw contest that held outside my school,hmmm.... I still haven't got the chance to win it yet... Hopefully my luck will be spread out soon.

Recently the lucky me got a lucky giveaway from my colleague, Kak Aidah. Actually I was accidentally chosen by her to be the winner of that beautiful giveaway. She said that she really hope that I won't be the winner because she scared people might think it is a conspiracy as I am very close to her. The giveaway has a question to be answered that is to guess her mum's age. Of course I guess it right as I am the winner!!!!!

I supposed to upload this happy news earlier as I promised Kak Aidah that I will share this news as soon as I got the present.Hmm... but lucky things seems always paired with unlucky things, my laptop is throwing tantrums!!! The screen of my laptop is spoiled. And I was waiting for my EPF fund to be released so that I can have a new laptop. By the time you all read this post means I have bought a new laptop already.
Luckily, I have a very kind and helpful colleague, Roslinah (Alin) to lend me her netbook. Otherwise, don't know how am I going to set my Mid Year Exam questions. Thank You Lin... You are such a good friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

These are my prizes!

A needle pouch, a teddy bear keychain and a beautiful ladylike apron ( I guess I won't have the chance to use it as I never wear an apron during cooking and it's piiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnk)


It's been so long that I didn't update my blog... I was busy with my virtual farming and my study leave. Luckily things still going on as planned. This year teacher's day is the day I submitted my application for study leave ( without salary ). I applied for a year leave to study in London. If everything going on smoothly I will be flying to London in September.


Every year I will promise my students to have this saponification process to make soap. This year the product is better compared to previous years because I have a sifu from SMK Paloh, Miss Thong Sheau Ping to advise me the suitable amount of materials needed for this saponifification process. These are my Chemistry students of 2010. They were very excited when I told them about this experiment. They even brought their own perfume and colouring to enhance their soap.

Our great product


Lin, change your handphone to a handphone that have a better camera resolution. This is the largest photo that can be uploaded. Looks like lin is very fond of red colour, you see the background is full of red hearts. What a loving family!!!!


Cutie Adreal, Welcome to Donny's family! Abundance of joy and happiness are waiting for you...


My cute niece, Chan Yun Yuan 5 months old already. She is very easy to decribe, her whole body is round from head until her toes, all is round....When she was 1 month old, people said she looks like me, but now I don't think she looks like me anymore coz she is too round, haha.


WELCOME TO ZAMANI & MARINA'S FAMILY! This is Khaleesya 30 minutes old. You see how highly efficient I am for getting such an up to date photo's. Baby Khaleesya still sleeping soundly and guess what she's snoring!!


This is my dad last year's birthday celebration. Don't have time to upload coz busy with school work, so today took some time to upload all the photos taken last year and early this year.
The photos were taken last September. You see, my two cute niece still safe in their mama's womb.


Welcome to this worlds, may your life is full of joy and happiness, Baby Reezeena Lee Yee Tang.


Last holidays, I went to kelong with my brother and his friends and Kak Aidah, my colleague. Actually we were quite unlucky because we didn't catch many fish but we caught the most fish compared to other anglers. Hahaha... they are a bit jealous of Kak Aidah and me because we have a super sifu to guide us, my brother. All the anglers were jealous of us for caughting many fishes until our hand cramp holding the fishing rod.

Kak Aidah and I did a very terrible things, we were showing off to them that we are very good at fishing by throwing away small fishes that we caught back to the sea and said that " Hmmm... what a small fish". Some of the anglers were very bad, they tried to take our places to fish but what a luck, they didn't catch any fish either even they were fishing at the same site as ours.

The fishes that we fished were not big but its quite a lot. When we came back from the kelong, we distributed the fishes to Juitah, Kak Marina and kak Zihan. Thinking back, actually there are quite a lot of people benefits from our memorable holidays, Kak Zihan with her asam pedas and Juitah with her fish soup.
Me and the angel fish that i caught
Kak Aidah with her 'lim jim' fish
These two photos were taken to show my photo shoot skill. But, a profesional photo shooter, Juitah's hubby said this photo is so so only because the water level is not straight. Thank you for your profesional comment. Actually I wanna copy a photo shot of his but hmm....but I think I still need to brush up my skill some more. I will try harder next time.Hopefully next time I will remember to check up the water level first.


Time flies really very fast... in a blink of eyes another sports day of SMKSL is being held. This year don't have much to comment because I was busy being in charged as chief judge at the finishing line... This year it is a bit boring because i can't shout to support my students as I am very fair and justice judge! Above are the photos of Marikh's marching platoon.




Last holidays I was so boring at home. I am very lucky coz I found something to kill my boredom. I did the jigsaw puzzle.It is 1000 pieces puzzle. Eventhough it was torturing my mind and my eyes but the satisfaction can be compared with my satisfaction in teaching, hehehe....


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